• A twisted dark love story.
  • A twisted dark love story.


The story begins with the first meeting of Sakurairi Nakamura and Hanamichi Kazuki at a park. It was shown that Sakura was running away from home and accidently saw Kazuki by himself, crying. Captivated by the sad looking face and the hatred eyes, Sakura has fallen in love with Kazuki. Kazuki realized that he was stared by a girl, so he ask her to join him. In Chapter 1, the readers have no clue regarding about what Sakura and Kazuki were doing at the park that day but later in Chapter 15, it was revealed that they were talking about dreams. The flashbacks also tell us that Kazuki's dream is dark and he is plotting something, out of a desire to take his dream and make it real, making him even willing to use anyone in his life. This story mostly takes place at Akibara Public High School. Sakura registered in that school because Kazuki ask her to. There, she learns the reason behind Kazuki's plot and met Iharra Yunoki, a stranger who knows her name.

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